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Bhaiji -


Jyotish Chandra Roy was born on 16th July 1880 in a high caste Vaidya Kulin Brahmin family. His father, Govind Chandra Roy was born and brought up in a highly respected cultured conservative family. He was a virtuous and saintly person. Bhaijee had two elder brothers - Durga Kinkar and Satish. The eldest brother died very early. The second brother Satish served as The District Sub-Registrar.


After a brilliant academic career, Jyotish joined the State Department of Agriculture , Govt. of Bengal in Dhaka. He rose to become Personal Assistant to the then Director of Agriculture, Mr. Finlow and was awarded ISO by Her Majesty's Government.


Bhaijee had his first Darshan of Ma Anandamayee at the Shahbag Garden, Dhaka in 1924. Ma was keeping Maun (vow of silence) that time. On seeing Ma's Divine personality, Bhaijee realized that he had ultimately got the "Mother" he was searching for, for a very long time. At the lotus feet of Ma, with composure and courage, he asked "Mother, what are the chances for my spiritual progress?" Ma replied, " There are no signs of hunger as yet". Bhaijee was a little disheartened.


A few months later Bhaijee completed writing a book titled, 'Sadhana' , religion. He sent it to Ma Anandamayee through one of his colleagues. Ma sent for Bhaijee. At that time Ma had just completed her Maun lasting three years and said, "Although my voice is still not clear after a long Maun, still I feel like talking. Your book has been a good one.


Try to improve upon your bhava (state of mind) and noble thinking". Bhaijee felt very happy and highly motivated. Since then he started visiting Shahbag frequently. One day he asked Ma, "Mother, tell me really who are you?" Ma replied smilingly"Why such childish question?" Ma, further said, "I am the same what I was earlier and shall continue to remain the same in future too. But know it for certain, that this body (sharir) did not take birth arising out of any Prarabdh (sum total of past deeds)".

About fifteen days later, Bhaijee went to Shahbag Garden, early in the morning and waited before the closed door of Ma's room, about 40 - 60 feet away. All of a sudden the door opened and what he saw was indescribable - very few devotees could claim to have seen Ma's real Divine form with open eyes!



With the tinge of first morning sun glowing in exquisite beauty, Ma appeared in the form of Divine Goddess and the whole room was brightly illuminated! Within the twinkling of an eye, Ma came back to her original human form with a smile. Bhaijee realized that Ma did answer his questions in this way!

In the following years Bhaijee's intense bhakti and surrender at Ma's lotus feet was evident. Ma's Leela (playful act) along with Bhaijee has been recorded in books. He became detached and surrendered himself at Ma's feet - and played the role of the eldest and foremost child of Ma. Later when he contracted Tuberculosis and was on the verge of death, Ma Anandamayee saved his life miraculously in a unique and heart-rendering way. Bhaijee returned to his job and service, as ordered by Ma, but simultaneously he prepared to perform his last days of pre-destined duties, for which he had come to Ma Anandamayee.


Bhaijee spent a considerable amount of time with Ma at the Siddheshwari Kali Temple in Dhaka. This ancient dilapidated Kali Temple in the midst of a jungle was witness to several of Ma's lilas along with her close devotees viz Baba Bholanath, Baul Chandra Basak, Niranjan Roy, Bhaijee and others. The Siddheshwari Temple had a 'Panchvati' (a group of five sacred trees)and it was under this in a highly charged spiritual atmosphere that Bhaijee gave the name of Anandamayee (Bliss permeated) to Sree sree Ma, thus creating history! Himself he assumed the role of 'Bhaijee' (eldest brother) and went on to become the role model and guide to millions of Ma's devotees. His life was full of sacrifice, sufferings and total surrender at the lotus feet of Ma.


Bhaijee was instrumental in setting up the first Ashram of Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha at the Ramna Ground, Dhaka , with financial assistance from his close friend, Niranjan Roy.


In 1931, one day Ma called Bhaijee and said, "Why don't you coin some hymns which can be sung every evening before the start of Kirtan. Try. A few days later, with the divine inspiration of Ma, at about 3 AM early morning , a hymn flew freely from the pen of Bhaijee, which is now famous as "Jaya Hridayabasini, Suddha Sanatani Shree Anandamayee Ma"..... it is sung every evening in all the ashrams of Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha and in homes of devotees.


On the 2nd June 1932, at about 10:30 in the night Ma sent Br. Jogesh to 'Bhaijee's residence and called him. Ma said, ' can you come with me?" Bhaijee said, "where"? Ma said , "Wherever I go. Bhaijee kept quiet. Ma said, 'what happened? Why you are keeping quite?" Bhaijee said, "I have not told anybody at my house before coming here. Also some money is to be brought from my house". Ma said," There is no need for that. Collect whatever is available here". Bhaijee submitted willingly though his mind was preoccupied thinking about his family members and his future.


This was a unique journey where the destination was unknown to the pilgrims.

The same night Ma, Baba Bholanath and Bhaijee reached Dhaka Railway Station. As per Ma's instructions tickets were bought upto the final destination of the train that that happened to be waiting there, which was Jagannath Ganj. On reaching there they crossed a river where an old friend of Bhaijee appeared and offered some money, fruits and food. Here too tickets were purchased for the final destination of the waiting train. The process was repeated till after touching three stations including Lucknow they reached Dehradun. After staying in a Dharamshala for some time they moved to an old dilapidated Shiva Temple located in a desolate but beautiful place called Raipur village. Beginning the morning of 8th June 1932 Ma and Baba Bholanath started living there. Bhaijee also stayed on.


In 1937, Bhaijee accompanied Ma Anandamayee on the Kailash – Manas Saraovar Yatra. It was here that in a rare gesture Ma gave Bhaijee his Sanyas mantra and renamed him 'Maunanand Parvat'. Ma later confirmed that the height of spiritual Sadhana attained by Bhaijee was unimaginable by anyone. On the return journey from Kailash , on the way to the Almora Ashram, on 'Jhulan Tithi' , Bhaijee breathed his last in the Divine lap of Shree Shree Anandamayee Ma.


During his last days Ma nursed him as a Mother would a child. On his passing Ma did not take food and kept Maun for sixteen days. A Shiva Linga was consecrated on his Samadhi which then became a well known place for pilgrimage and sadhana.


Baba Bholanath recorded some of Bhaijee's last statements. Jyotish was in full senses till the last moment when he said "Baba look! In this material world, nobody belongs to anybody. Only Ma is Truth and the only one". He then said "Ma, Me and OM" Beckoning Hariram Joshi he said "Listen, we are all one. Ma and me are one. Baba and me are one!" He then gazed at Ma and breathed his last whispering "Ma!, Ma!"