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Quote from Gurupriya Devi (Didi's) Book

 Sri Sri Ma Anandamayi

Volume VI

(Page 82 Paragraph- 2)


Given below is an extract of what Ma had to say.

At four p.m many people arrived and Ma began conversing with them. Jiten Babu is to leave today. On being asked something concerning the Delhi ashram Ma said, "Look Baba, I do not want your ashram, I do not want anything. I only say that you must also live together peacefully. I only want that pure emotions should develop and increase within you. All of you try to live in peace and happiness. If you talk of an ashram, that is again for your sake and you can make it. After all, the aim of the ashram is to increase the peace and happiness within each of you. If that is not achieved and only factions are created then what is the use of having an ashram? It is better then not to have an ashram at all. There is joy only in your joy. If you speak of 'my ashram' then the whole world is but one ashram, or the ashram is limitless.” Jiten Babu did pranam at Ma's feet and said, “Ma, we shall try to follow your advice to the best of our abilities. Please give us your blessings so that we may obey your instructions.” Ma replied, "His blessings are always there. Keep your attention in that direction and keep doing your duty.”



At the end...


When Ma was finally in Kishenpur, after possibly completing Her worldly leela in the world, His Holiness, Jagatguru Shankaracharya, the Pithadhish of Sringeri had come to meet Ma. He stayed in the ashram. Daily, every evening before dust, he would perform abhishek on the quartz crystal Shiv linga given by Adi Shankaracharya as a routine rituals in front of devotees. On the first floor in the passage above the portico in front of the room meant only for meditation, Jagatguru Shankaracharya was sitting on a raised wooden cot (takat) facing south and performing his evening sandhya with all his paraphernalia followed by abhishek. Towards the end, Shree Shree Ma came and stood silently at the door leading to the passage. As we were facing north we saw Ma but silently with Her eyes indicated to us not to get up. She apparently waited for the Shankaracharya to complete his evening prayers. Her right hand was folded and held close to Her Body hidden under Her achal (saree). She was apparently clenching something in Her fist. Later, it was learnt that it was a hartaki (dried fruit), used frequently for sankalpa bachya during pujas by Hindu.

As soon as Shnakarachayaji had finished, Ma walked up to him. He was little surprised as he had not expected. She extended Her right hand towards him and placed the hartaki into his upturned palms, uttering the words "Abyakta khich raha hain".  (the Formless is drawing me). Shankaracharyaji understood what was happening and in apparent awe and

great disbelief, quickly upturned his palms and placed the hartaki to Ma's hand, saying

"Ma, Ma,..Ma;".. , in eager anticipation that Ma would perhaps retract Her final

sankalpa. We were all struck dumfounded!

She disclosed openly in public Her kheyal to be invisible to humanity. All our prayers went in vain.

The final leela of Ma leaving Her physical devatanu came shortly after this event."