1932, June, Dehradun
 Ma arrives at Raipur, Dehradun and resides in the old Shiva temple. Saving Bhaiji miraculously from drowning in the Ganga in Varanasi-though Ma at Raipur Her clothes got wet.


1934, June, Mussouri
(Smt. Kamala Nehru stays near Ma during the night Ma gives her gold bangles)

Construction of temple at Uttar Kashi commenced through Bholanathji


1937, August , Almora
Ma returns from the Kailash journey. Bhaiji remains seriously ill and he leaves his body on 17th of August. Body given samadhi in Patal Devi. Various yogic Kriyas in Ma's body and Ma goes into a long-drawn peculiar state of health.

Puri Ashram


1940, February

Construction of new Ashram in Puri


Samadhi Mandir - Bhaiji 1943, May, Almora

Construction of Samadhi Mandir of Bhaiji and rooms for Ma at Pataldevi. Ma stays at Almora, Birthday function there. The famous dancer Udai Shankar meets Ma and invites her to his Culture Centre. An Austrian lady Blanca Schiamm meets Ma.


Patal Devi - Almora 1944, May

Inauguration of the Ashram at Pataldevi, Almora and Ma's birthday function


Siva Linga - Almora 1954, 16th April

Installation in Ma's presence of Shiva Linga over Bhaiji's Samadhi


Annapurna Temple – Varanasi 1950

Opening of the new Annapurna Temple in Ma's presence during Diwali The images installed in the Annapurna temple of the Ramna Ashram at Dhaka were transferred to this Ashram just before the division of the country. All these images were installed in the Annapurna temple newly constructed in 1950. Two beautiful Shiva-lingas were found at time of digging the foundations of the Ashram. These two svayambhu lingas have also been installed in this very temple.


1951, April, Anand Kashi

Ma visits Anand Kashi during Navaratri at the request of Rajmata of Tehri and installs Shiva Linga in the old temple.


Rajgir Ashram 1955, 5,th January

Inauguration of New Ashram in Rajgir


Nitai and Gauranga - Vrindavan 1955, 6th March

Installation of the images of Nitai and Gauranga in Vrindavan in the presence of Ma and various mahatmas. Ma receives injury on her foot-some supernatural incident behind the same.


Kali Mandir - Ranchi 1955, 13th November

Installation in Ma's presence of the image of Kali in Ranchi Ashram


Five Siva Lingas – Vrindavan Ashram 1956, 10th March

Installation of five Siva Lingas in the newly constructed temple in Vrindavan Ashram


Bal Gopal Varanasi Ashram In 1957

on the Jhulan Ekadashi tithi , Balagopal entered the Ashram in the presence of Ma.


Nam Yagna – Kalkaji New Delhi 1957, 29th November

The first Nam Yagna in the newly constructed Nam Brahma Mandir in Kalkaji ashram in Ma's presence.


Agarpara Ashram, Calcutta 1958, 14th April

Inauguration of the new Ashram at Agarpara in Ma's Presence


Kali Mandir - Ranchi 1962, 21st October

Ranchi Inauguration of new Kali Mandir during Kali Pooja in Ma's Presence.


Shri Gopalji – Varanasi 1963, 12th August

Shri Gopalji installed on the new sandalwood throne in Ma's presence in Anand Jyoti Mandir.


Rama and Sita – Kalyanban Ashram 1964, 15th July

Installation of Rama and Sita in newly built temple at Kalyanban.


Ram Mandir – Vrindavan Ashram 1964, 14th December

Inauguration of Ram Mandir built by Maharani Mysore inside Vrindavan Ashram


Siva Temple – Rajgir Ashram 1965, 20th February

The new Shiv temple in Rajgir Ashram inaugurated in Ma's presence


Challiya Temple and Radha Krishna 1966, September

Vrindavan Inauguration of Chhaliya Temple in Vrindavan Ashram and installation of images of Radha Krishna at the

wishes of Rajmata Gwalior and Yogibhai of Solan.


Puran Mandir – Naimisharnya Ashram 1967

December Opening of the new Puran Mandir at Naimisharanya, built through the efforts of Sri Manubhai Bhlmani


Ananda Jyoti Mandir and Gopal Ji

Inauguration of Ananda Jyoti Mandir in


Mandir – Varanasi Ashram 1968, 30th April Varanasi

Varanasi Ashram in the presence of Hari Babaji and others-installation of the idol of Gopalji in the ground floor of the new temple. On 30th April, 1968 a beautiful temple, Ananda Jyoti Mandir by name, was consecrated. The principal object of this is to depict Ma's immortal message in the world history with golden letters for all ages. On the second storey of this temple , exists the image of Balagopal ( child Krishna). It has its own history. In 1957 on the Jhulan Ekadashi tithi , Balagopal entered the Ashram in the presence of Ma.


Varanasi Ashram 1991,

In 1991, on the holy tithi of Akshya Tritiya three images showing different bhavas ( spiritual states) of Ma were installed.


Siva Linga – Kankhal Ashram 1970, 14th April

Kankhal Inauguration of new Siva Mandir in Kankhal Ashram.


Shiva Linga – Varanasi Ashram 1972, 17th March

Ma attends the inauguration of a new Shiva Temple in Varanasi Ashram, Sri Narendra Brahmachari of Deogharh comes to meet Ma.


Radha Krishna – Pune Ashram 1972,12th July

Installation of the images of Shri Radha Krishna in newly constructed temple in Pune Ashram.


Shiva Linga – Sadhan Ashram 1974, 18th February,

Dehradun Installation of Shiva Linga in Sadhan Ashram as per Ma's instruction.


Muktananda Giriji  1974, 25th April

The marble statue of Muktananda Giriji (Didima) Installed In Ma's presence in the Shiva Temple.


Havan Shala – Naimisharnya Ashram 1975, 14th January

Inauguration of new Havan Shala in Naimisharanya Ashram in Ma's presence.


Satsang Hall - Kankhal 1975, 14th April

Inauguration of the big Satsang Hall at Kankhal.


Puran Purush – Naimisharnya Ashram 1975, 14th May

Installation of the divine image of Sri Puran Purush in the newly constructed temple in Naimisharanya Ashram.


Institute of Puranic and Vedic Studies Reasearch Centre 1977, 17th April

The Institute for Pauranic and Vedic Studies and Research, Naimisharanya formally inaugurated in Ma's divine presence.


Havan Shala – Kankhal Ashram 1978, 14th January

Inauguration of the new Havan Shala in Kankhal Ashram in Ma's presence. The holy fire brought from Varanasi Ashram.


Adi Shankracharya - Kankhal 1978,10th May, Kankhal

The marble statue of Adi Sankaracharya installed inside a special canopy built in the Central Hall.


Golden Kali and Muktananda Giriji - Kalkaji 1979, 22nd April, New Delhi

Installation in Kalkaji Ashram of the image of Golden Kali and marble statue of Muktananda Giriji in the newly constructed temples.


Muktananda Giriji – Ranchi Ashram 1980, 14th April

Installation of marble statue of Muktananda Giriji in Ranchi Ashram Temple.


Shiv Mandir Naimisharnya 1981, 13th July

Inauguration of the new Shiva Mandir at Naimisharanya. Some strange incidents behind the selection of site.


Saraswati and Shiva Temple Agartala (Tripura) 1982, 1st April

Ma came here in the last week of March 1982 and entered the newly built Ashram on 1st April and visited the well-known temple of Uma-Maheswara, situated within the Ashram campus. Ma brought with her an extremely beautiful image of goddess Saraswati made of white marble. She said: "This body is installing the image of Ma Saraswati, the bestower of Brahma vidya here for ever. The building constructed for this body will be Her temple and Tripureswara Shiva will also be visible from the verandah". Thus Ma Saraswati and Shiva were installed here by Ma herself with her own hands.

Special worship of Ma Saraswati is being conducted here regularly in accordance with Ma's special directions.


Muktananda Giriji - Agarpara (Calcutta) 1982, 4th

April Ma attends the installation ceremony of Muktananda Giriji's statue in the newly constructed temple at Agarpara. Leaves for Kankhal.















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