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Ma's sayings.


In delusion, mankind wrongly identifies itself with its separate bodies and names.

Where so many are seen, there is actually ONE. every aatma (soul), a part of the ONE Paramatma (Supreme Soul)!

Shree Ma, said whatever be your choice of religion- Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist. all the paths lead to the same God. The ONE God.

In fact, what Ma Anandamayee propagated was a Universal World Religion full of love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, unity and self-fulfillment.

She directed us to treat all living things as part of the same entity that created our own self!


SHREE Ma's Teachings - as applied to our lives.

We are all ONE

"Man is no other than the Self; but he wrongly thinks of himself as a separate individual centered on his body and identified by a particular name.

All sorrow is due to the fact that many are seen, where there is only one."


Nothing happens to us by chance

"Whatever is to happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime is all fixed by Him; His arrangements are perfect".

It is God's law to end suffering by suffering. Your present condition is His gift of the results of your past actions. This is because God will ultimately take you in to Himself, and that He is purifying and cleansing you."


Fulfilment of your desires

"A worldly desire, if unfulfilled, makes you miserable; if fulfilled, it is almost invariably followed by some other desire and the chain of desires disturbs your peace of mind.

You will have peace only if you can rise above worldly desires."


Where do you search? JOY is already WITHIN you

"So long as one believes that true happiness can be had in this world without searching Within oneself, one will remain in bondage. Strive to abandon yourself, without reserve, to HIM. It is only when you leave everything to HIM, that there is hope for Peace and Happiness."


The purpose of our lives

"Who am I? This realization is the purpose of human life. To know himself, it is man's bounden duty as a human being to find God. Self-realization IS God-realization, and God-realization IS Self-realization. The more your mind remains absorbed in the thought of God, the stronger will your power grow, and this power is your only companion on the path to union with the Supreme."


Of all beings, Man is the luckiest

"Amongst all creatures on Earth, man alone has been endowed with the capacity to realize God. He alone has the capacity to create an atmosphere, an environment that is conducive to the revelation of Truth. This is a blessing. Do not waste a single moment."


Yes, you will encounter obstacles..

"Pilgrims on the road towards God very often encounter obstacles and stumbling blocks which are due to their former actions. In such cases, one should pray 'Lord guide me with patience and the power of endurance that I may be able to continue undaunted my pilgrimage on the path that leads to thee."


Praying in our world of Today

"Regular prayer purifies the mind and the heart. Set apart at least fifteen minutes for your daily prayer at a fixed hour. You may even go on doing your usual work during this period, but observe silence and meditate on Him in any way you like. See that throughout your life there should be no slackness in regularity and punctuality. Prayer never goes in vain. So long as no response is received, prayer must be continued. Repetition of His Name makes everything possible."


Seek Divinity in Domestic Life

"Householders should emulate the ancient Rishis (sages), who were married men living with their families and leading a life dedicated to God. Love and serve your consort and children as Divine manifestations. Perform all work as God's service. Since you seek ownership of the garden, you feel unhappy. Be the gardener instead of trying to be the owner, and then you will feel happy."

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